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Yuuki ( Lycaon ) Club Zy  

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Ayabie_ Aoi


Ayabie_ Aoi

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R-Shitei’s important notice

In case anyone’s freaked out like me because the server on the OHP got fucked up with too many visits.

Hirotaka’s got pneumothorax and will be forced to rest. The band will have a support drummer for some concerts until he’s back.

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Blaming the Fans



Let’s talk a bit about promoters blaming fans for their problems. Then let’s talk about how they should stop.

Visual kei is part of the music business and like any business it relies heavily on being able to sell in the market, but what many promoters fail to forget is that not all bands appeal….

There’s also the matter of promoters thinking that their tastes in music are superior to the common fan’s, bringing over only bands that they personally like but which the fandom has no taste for, and then commenting, “Well, no one came out, visual kei must not be a really worthwhile industry anymore.” 


points everyone’s attention to this


Yukimi  did a thing!

A thing called a new blog.

And tumblr ate my caption.


ユナイト「アイ -'ation-」

the Haku one is so asking for the l’oreal logo right there


Takeru of SuG in May 2014 issue of「SHOXX Vol.255」magazine

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Uwakimono(Takeru)/I 狂 U(Another ver.)

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